Football consultancy agency

FFA (Fabio Ferrari Agency) is a football consultancy agency based in Milan which promotes itself as the ideal partner for footballers during their professional career at a global level. FFA philosophy relies on important values that are competence, professionalism, passion and dedication, to achieve the set target.

Through its global contact network, FFA provides its clients with an integrated consultancy service which includes not only career planning and management, but also a valid and qualified support to decisions relevant to the contractual, legal, financial, insurance, fiscal, commercial, marketing and communications aspects that any professional footballers are likely to make at some point in their career.

Furthermore, FFA makes available its core competencies, knowledge and global contact network to promote itself as partner of other intermediaries who aspire to establish a relationship for specific markets.

In order to provide the above-mentioned consultancy activities, FFA has established a number of partnerships with trustworthy and internationally renowned professionals in their sector, who believe and share the same values on which FFA philosophy relies upon: competence, professionalism, passion and dedication.